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Welcome, I am VTRyo


Software Engineer at Money Forward, Inc.

I am a Software Engineer with a focus on Site Reliability Engineering. I enjoy self-publishing novels. I love beer. Solo proprietorship: LogLine

Good Luck
Certified Beer taster



Software Engineer / Product SRE
Money Forward, Inc.

October 2021 - Present, Tamachi

‘Money Forward. Make your life better.’ We provide services to solve financial issues for individuals and corporations. We provide services to solve the financial issues of individuals, corporations and everyone.

  • SRE team established in Cloud attendance team.
  • Lead Product SRE of the department.
  • Install SRE practice at product teams.

Platform Engineer
Styleport Inc.

Augast 2022 - Present, Omotesando

Build a 3D communication platform to be used globally.

  • Platform Engineering in ROOV.
  • AWS configuration redesign and Iac design and implementation.
  • Count me as a part-time

Software Engineer / SRE Team
Mazrica Inc.

May 2018 - October 2021, Gotanda

Development and operation of tools to support salespeople. In-house development.

  • Strengthening the monitoring system
  • Migration from Opsworks to Kubernetes
  • Building a Deploy Flow to Kubernetes
  • Application development with Ruby on Rails
  • Introducing Elasticsearch as a search engine to the system. From design to release

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer / SRE Team
ITI Inc.

Feb 2017 - May 2018, Shibuya

An IT company that handles both in-house development and commissioned projects.

  • Introduction to Iac, Terraform, Ansible.
  • Operating with AWS

Infrastructure Engineer

Apr 2015 - Jan 2017, Tokyo

  • Data Center Operations
  • Virtual Infrastructure Construction


Tech talk

This is a resource site about technology and careers that I have presented.

Career planning starting by luckly

Career theory for IT engineers based on the angle that "careers are made by chance. Selected as one of the best speakers."

How to start SRE in a product team, all by yourself
SRE NEXT 2022 14 May 2022

How to start SRE alone in an organization.

Create PaaS on eks

A story about the creation of a PaaS-like system using EKS.

Tech blog

This is the place where you can find out what’s going on as an IT engineer at VTRyo, both technically and at events.

Company tech blog

List of blogs published in the company.

Hobby blog

This is where you can find out what’s going on inside VTRyo’s head.


A technical book for those who are struggling with their own growth.

A technical book for those who are struggling with their own setbacks.

A technical book for those who are struggling with their own resolve and determination


A technical book on how to "know yourself".

The endpoint nobody knows

Novel-type technical coterie magazine by VTRyo as a "web-based romantic comedy".

Career planning starting by luckly

Luck is no accident. Your career is made by chance.

A Guide to Upgrading the Way You Work 2020

I introduced our way of working, working remotely before the world went viral.


Developers Boost 2023 Best speaker award - 3rd

Infrastructure Engineer Books Award 2021 Grand Prize

Mazrica most culture player award 2019 - Liberty award

Mazrica most culture player award 2018 - Liberty award

Received presentation and idea awards at presentation competitions

Licensed Certified Psychologist